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In over 12 years of being in this business there is one thing that I have heard more than anything,"how come these are so expensive?". It is one of the most common questions in every showroom I have ever been in, and a very difficult question to answer because there are so many factors that go into making a spa, some of the expense is warranted, and some is not. We have hot tubs that start at just under $2000 and go up from there. We carry an economy line of spas, as well as a line that we custom order for each individual spa buyer. This line is great as we can choose the amount of jets, various options, features, and can even prepare to have this spa installed into the ground if they so choose. So we have a spa for every budget and need.

First and foremost, I have always believed that everyone should be able to afford to own a spa. The theraputic value of a hot tub is beyond comprehension, the relaxing feeling one gets being massaged by hot water jets is very hard to describe to those that have never experienced it, and the peaceful deep sleep you have after using your new hot tub makes it worth every penny you spent on it. Most people want a spa or Hot Tub, but they have no idea how much a spa really costs, once they begin to shop around they become very confused by the various models and large price differences.

Our policy is simple, we want each and every person that wants a hot tub to get the absoloute best hot tub they can afford, we offer our spas at a lower price than our competitors so that we can help make that happen. If our client finds a spa they really want, however might be a little more than they can or are willing to spend at the moment, we offer them our Trade in / Trade up program.

This program utilizes our economy spa models, which vary from 2-6 person hot tubs. Our program allows our client the opportunity to use the new spa for up to one year to determine if they are going to trully enjoy owning a spa (which we know they will) and anytime before that year is up, they can return the spa for a full 100% credit toward the new Acrylic spa that they fell in love with but just couldn't spend the money on. this essentially gives them a full year to use a spa and save up money for the larger one with more features and benefits with no worry of losing any money on their previous purchase.

Scenario: Mr. & Mrs. Jones find the Custom Acrylic 5 person lounge chair spa of their dreams, It features 45 jets, Two pumps, Synthetic cabinet, ozone, steps, cover lifter, LED Lighting, everything they want, however this particular spa is $6800 will require an Electrician to do electrical work, a new slab to be poured, which adds to the cost and makes this spa just out of their price range, so they decide to take advantage of our Trade in / Trade up program and give themsleves the chance to save money while still enjoying a new Spa. They decide on a five person lounge chair spa that has one pump, 12 jets and will plug into a regular electrical outlet for $2999. Within a year Mr. & Mrs. Jones have determined that they love the hot tub and want the new one with all of the bells and whisltles so they come in to trade the spa, We give them the full credit of $2999 toward the $6800, they pay the remaining $3801 and we pick up the economy spa when we deliver their new Custom Acrylic spa. Mr. & Mrs. Jones get the spa of their dreams without losing any money! Its a win win situation!


Now, Let's go down another path, you have owned a Hot tub before, you know how great they are, and you want another one. You have been to the other Hot tub showrooms, you have seen some really great Hot Tubs, you understand and can justify the cost that goes with these fully loaded higher end hot tubs. Before you go and plunk down $6000, $7000 or even $10,000 or more, take a look at what The Backyard Toystore can do that the other guys can't!

Why on Earth would you buy something like this..


a spa that will sit on your back patio just like some big box of water, when for the same amount of money at The Backyard Toystore....

you can do something like this.....

beautifully installed in the ground giving you the opportunity to creatively landscape.

Go to the other guys, pick out the spa that you really like, come by and see us and let us show you a spa that will match or beat their quality, seating, jetting, effeciency and will certainly be much more visually appealing in your backyard. Making this kind of investment is just that "an investment" get something more than just a big box in your backyard.


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